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Makeup Forever HD Elixir Review: Quench That Thirst!

5 Sep

Ello Meebsies,

Being sick sucks. I haven’t eaten anything solid in a week. Every time I look at chicken noodles soup I want to gag. ūüė¶

On a side note, I was pleasantly surprised when my sister came home from shopping sporting a huge Sephora bag. She bought goodies for me!!! Most of the stuff I received were just replacements for things I was running out of. The only new product I got was the Makeup Forever HD Elixer serum. MAN DO I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! ^O^

Here is the product description.

What it is:
An innovative serum that instantly hydrates and adds radiance to the skin.

What it does:
HD complexion collection uses innovative formulas to create a new generation of makeup that is invisible on high-definition cameras and to the naked eye. This unique, lightweight elixir absorbs quickly into the skin, instantly hydrating and brightening the complexion. The breakthrough formula contains D-Panthenol and glycerin to ensure an immediate boost of hydration (+520% after 15 minutes) that lasts throughout the day (+175% after 6 hours). Argatensyl is added to provide an immediate smoothing effect. Each ingredient was specifically added to prepare skin for high-definition makeup‚ÄĒso you can count on the camera picking up the perks of this perfecting formula.

What else you need to know:
This product is oil and paraben free and dermatologist tested.

Research results:
-+520% increased moisture after 15 minutes
-+490% after 30 minutes
-+430% after one hour
-+250% after two hours

You have to say, it’s pretty impressive. After using it for about a week, it’s been a life saver. I think that everyone knows what I’m talking about when I say no one looks good when you’re sick. Your nose is dry, your face is flushed, and you just look gross. For me, because I’m dehydrated, my skin is also dehydrated. So when I go on a drug run I am in no mood to do my makeup. Fear not, all you need are two drops of this serum and you are good to go. ^_^

It’s extremely light,¬†extremely¬†light. Since this is a serum, your skin will drink it up in seconds. It leaves your face¬†moisturized and almost dewy looking. If you have fine lines or crows feet, I find that this product really helps reduce the appearance. Even though this product is meant to be a face primer, you can really use it all by itself. However, if you want to have flawless foundation, use this baby with any liquid foundation to look FABULOUS!!! ^_^

Retail Price is about $40 at Sephora.





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‚Äē¬†Gwyneth Paltrow


Rescue Your Skin

19 Jun

Ello Meebsies,

I don’t think anyone is a stranger to the horrors of bad skin. While some of us are fortunate enough to have triggers such as junk food or chocolate; some of us are cursed with triggers such as menstrual¬†cycles or stress. I am sad to say that I am a member of the cursed triggers. Especially during the school year with exams and papers due, my skin¬†defiantly¬†reflects my stress. I’ve tried everything from drugstore products to professional products and nothing seemed to really work. Until…DUH DUH DUH!!!!…I went to the grocery store. ^^

Did you know that some of the best skin care treatments can be found at the grocery store? For me, I think I have found the Holy Grail of skin products. OATMEAL!!! I cannot go a week without using an oatmeal mask at least once. Not only does it prevent breakouts, but it actually clear up any breakouts I may have. The results are almost instant.

Here are just a few benefits of oatmeal…

  • Fades scars
  • Clears up breakouts
  • Prevents breakouts
  • Evens skin tone
  • Brightens skin
  • Creates a smooth¬†canvas¬†for¬†foundation
  • Gentle on sensitive skin
  • Moisturizes
  • Exfoliates

The best part about this mask is it’s affordable and easy to make. ^^

Oatmeal Mask Recipie


  • 1/2 cup of cooked oatmeal

Optional Ingredients:

  • 1 Tbs Organic All Natural Honey (For Moisturizing Mask)
  • 1Tbs Lemon (For Brightening Mask)
  • 1Tbs Baking Soda (For Exfoliating Mask)


  1. Cook 1/2 cup of oatmeal by following directions on box. Allow the oatmeal to cool to room temp.
  2. Mix in optional ingredients.
  3. Apply on face and leave for about 15 mins, or until oatmeal is dried up.


  • DO NOT USE UNCOOKED OATMEAL ON FACE. My¬†dermatologist¬†says that a common mistake many people make when using oatmeal as a mask is using uncooked oatmeal. Uncooked oatmeal is very harsh on the skin. Because the grains have¬†ridged edges that can damage the skin and also trap oil in your skin. Cooked oatmeal also allows your skin to soak up all the goodies oatmeal has to offer. ^-^
  • Use grounded oatmeal for easier application of the mask.
  • DO NOT USE HONEY THAT CONTAINS CORN SYRUP. Corn syrup will actually cause breakouts. Make sure to use honey that is all natural. Organic honey is even better.

If you love to travel like me, even though I wish I could, I can’t bring cooked oatmeal with me everywhere. So when I travel I like to bring my Queen Helene Oatmeal ‘n Honey Natural Facial Scrub instead.

It’s not really a mask, but like in the name, a facial scrub. Of course it can’t beat the real thing, but I think it comes pretty close. This is my all time favorite scrub. I break out a lot when I’m on my lady cycle and just last week I was having a lot of problems in my t-zone area. One use and literally all my breakouts¬†disappeared¬†the next morning. It was a miracle. *o* I got mine at¬†Walgreens¬†for about $5. GET IT!!!

However, the real secret to great skin is as simple as LOVING YOUR SKIN. If you treat it with care, it will be reflected. ^_^

Have a wonderful day!

Much Love,


‚ÄúLife is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.‚ÄĚ

~Ashley Smith

Hong Kong Skin Care Haul

14 Jan

Welcome Back Meebsies,

I am so glad to be back! Sorry for not posting in such a long time. As hard as it may be to believe, I could not find Wi-fi anywhere. I went through some pretty serious withdrawal symptoms. ToT¬† Then after I got back from my trip, there was a lot of catching up to do. The world doesn’t stop just because you do.

However, it was worth it! ^O^ This would have to be one of the best trips I have ever gone on. The food, scenery, and shopping were as promised…AMAZING!!! I have to admit that I went a little insane when it came to beauty shopping. I just couldn’t help myself. Everything was so ridiculously cheap.

Since my overall haul is so big, I thought I would split it into a few post. This one is all on skin care products. This consists of a combination of the mainstream products many bloggers haul, and some local brands. I had a good girlfriend in Hong Kong who recommended these not so well known products that only the locals really know about. She claims that they are just as amazing as the main stream products, but almost half the price. Thanks to her, I actually learned a lot of do and don’t when it comes to buying beauty products in Hong Kong. It’s a little lengthy so I will write about my tips in another post. ^-^

Japanese Nano Technology Masks – 7 Count

Cost (HKD): $49.90-$60.00

Location: Sasa, Bonjour, Beauty Supply Outlet (I found one on Jordan Road, but you can find them anywhere.)

Orange Box Description: Hyaluronic acid and collagen are excellent moisturizing agents that help to smooth out skin texture. Ginkgo biloba and morus nigra leaf extracts provide whitening effects. Pearl powder contains marine micro-elements and can help to cool off and calm skin, reduce wrinkles and plump up the moisture level. It nourishes skin cells from deep within to greatly improve skin conditions.

Green Box Description: Chamomile extract can calm down the skin and relieve redness. Aloe provides natural moisture-locking factor to keep the skin supple and delicate in all environments, and is ideal for acne-prone skin. Cucumber extract helps to regulate the water and oil level of the skin to prevent appearance of blemishes.

My Beauty Diary – 10 Count

Cost (HKD): $55.00-$80.00

Location: Sasa, Bonjour, Beauty Supply Outlet

Black Pearl Mask Description: Soften, whiten skin, increases skin metabolism to restore radiance.

Strawberry Yogurt Mask: Brightening skin, oil control, reduce wrinkles, tighten pores, renew skin.

Bulgarian White Rose Mask: Clears dull skin, whitens, calms and moisturizes, firming.

SkinFood Christmas Special Pack – 2 Count 50 ml

Cost (HKD): $200.00-$250.00

Location: SkinFood, Bonjour

Fresh Aloe Pack Description: A soothing pack with Aloe Extracts providing moisture and hydration to dry skin.

Rice Mask Wash Off Description: Mask with nutritious rice extracts for soft skin texture.


Cost (HKD): $7.50-$8.00

Location: Sasa

Strawberry Yogurt Masque Description: skin softening and protect moisturizing barrier, skin radiance and toning.

Clear Exfoliating Gel and Intensive Vitamin Complex Masque Description: Deeply cleanses pores and gently sought off dead skin cells. It exposes new skin, re-textures and helps your skin look younger and fresher. Enriched with vitamin A, B3, C, E, Skinlite unique formula immediately and visibly helps firm face skin, contributing to overall skin health.

Re-Energizing Green Tea Masque Description: Ultra hydration and skin softening, lubricating and promoting skin elasticity.

Vov Daily Fresh Pack

Cost (HKD): $9.9

Location: Sasa

Berry & Berry Description: Helps lift and firm face.

Sewame Whitening & Spot Removing Cleanser – 100 g

Cost (HKD): $25.00-$30.00

Location: Sasa, Sasa Outlet

Description: Assists in fade sallow, whitening the skin. Moisturize the skin and improve the quality of the skin, enable the skin to be young and white. Rich foam, assist in gently and effectively remove dirt and color makeup from the face.

Biore Pore Pack – 4 Count

Cost (HKD): $12.00

Location: Sasa, Beauty Supply Outlet

Description: Charcoal pore strips help remove black heads, and other impurities in pores.

Rosette Hello Kitty Wash – 120 g

Cost (HKD): $48.00 – $60.00

Location: Sasa, Bonjour, Beauty Supply Outlet

Acne Wash Medicated Description: Rosette Hello Kitty Ance Wash contains two medicinal ingredients, i.e. sulfur and licorice extract, to prevent acne. Its gentle bubbles cleanse dirt of pores, make-up residues as well as excess sebum, leaving skin clean and smooth. The lovely container that shows the image of Hello Kitty and the scent of sweet fruits make this facial wash, which is free from colourants and mineral oil, even more attractive!

Aquamoist Whitening Milk

Cost (HKD): $86.40

Location: Sasa, Bonjour

Description: JUJU Cosmetics Aquamoist Hyluronic Acid Whitening & Moisture Milky Lotion not only can it brighten skin, but also lighten black spots and melanin. Leaving you a vivid, silky smooth look.

P.S. I bought this because the Beauty Guru Bubzbeauty recommended it.

DIY Eye Masks – 20 Count

Cost (HKD): $9.00

Location: Sasa, Bonjour

Description: These are cotton eye masks that you can soak in your favorite juice or moisturizing liquid and then apply to reduce bags or puffiness.

Face Mask Capsules  Р20 count

Cost (HKD): $10.00

Location: Sasa, Bonjour

Description: Soak these capsules in your favorite juice or moisturizing liquid. Then apply to face as you would with a face mask.

Silicone Face Scrubbers

Cost (HKD): $10.00-$11.00

Location: Sasa, Bonjour, Beauty Supply Outlet

Description: Use small silicone scrubbers to clean face thoroughly removing dirt and makeup. Leaves skin smooth and refreshed.

DIY Face Mask Kit

Cost (HKD): $12.00-$30.00

Location: Sasa, Bonjour, Beauty Supply Outlet

Description: This little kit is a great was to DIY face masks. The silicone bowl and spatula are great tools in mixing and blending your personal facial masks.


Cost (HKD): $10.00-$30.00

Location: Sasa, Bonjour, Beauty Supply Outlet

Description: Many bloggers and guru have said that this is a great tool when it comes to washing your face and applying facial treatments. It keeps out hair out of your face and can be washed with soap and water.

I know that this was a really long post, so thanks for sticking around. I will hopefully do some reviews as soon as I can. Keep an eye out for my next haul posts. >.<

If you have any questions, post a comment, email, or follow me. I would be more than happy to answer questions.

Have a great day!



“No object is so beautiful that, under certain conditions, it will not look ugly.” ~ Oscar Wilde

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