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Hong Kong Trip Part 3

1 Jun

Hey Meebsies,

Final Hong Kong post.

WARNING: Super pic heavy. ^^

If you get a chance you should try out Apollo ice cream. It’s kind of like Asian Baskin Robins but with some really cool flavors. They have everything from traditional vanilla to pumpkin. I personally got green tea and black sesame. YUMMY. ^-^

I bet you’re wondering what you’re looking at. We went to an gallery for miniature art. It’s soo crazy how little these replicas are. Yes, this is a miniature street shop in Hong Kong. O.o

Miniature Herbal Pharmacy.

Miniature Convenience Store.

Fail Jordans. LOL  Just a FYI. If you do buy knock offs I suggest you wear it when you go through customs, instead of packing it in your luggage. They will go through your luggage, but they are not going to ask you to strip down and examine your clothes. LOL I’ve had a friend who bought a knock off Coach bag and got it confiscated at customs. Luckily, she didn’t get into any legal trouble, but you should always be cautious. Chances are if you buy any brand name goods on street markets, they are fake. The only legit brand name goods would be in malls. If you live in the U.S. you are better off buying American brand goods in America. They are actually more expensive in Hong Kong. But if you are buying Asian brand goods like Skin Food or Shiseido it’s much cheaper in Hong Kong.

Make sure you check out Ocean Park. It’s an amusement park/zoo. They actually just added a few new rides and a huge roller coaster! WHOOT!! I’m kind of an adrenaline junkie. ^O^ Another tip, if you do plan to go, I suggest you go on a weekday and early in the morning. Believe it or not, even before the park opens there will be a huge line to get in. If you don’t want to wait 30-45 mins to ride a ride, GO EARLY ON A WEEKDAY!!!

Ocean Park Website: http://www.oceanpark.com.hk/html/en/home/

Hot Air Balllon Ride. Don’t worry, it’s tethered down so you won’t fly away. ^^ LOL

Rapids Ride. If you have ever gone to Disneyland, it’s similar to the water rides there. Warning, you will get wet but don’t worry, they sell ponchos.  Even if you do get wet, I promise it’s worth it. ^_^

New Hair Raiser Roller Coaster.

Make sure you take the Cable Car Ride. It’s a 5 min ride through beautiful mountains above the ocean. SOOO PRETTY! *o*

PANDA!!! ❤ My favorite animal. SOOO CUTE!!! ^-^

Small local temple.

If you go to the Hong Kong Harbor there are many boats that will take you out on the water. If you have a little time on your hands, you should check it out.

Egg Waffles on Temple Street. YUM! ^^

Many people come to Hong Kong for the famous Peking Duck. I suggest going to Spring Deer; but make sure to make a reservation. Make a reservation early! During the summer time, people make reservations months ahead of time.

I can’t stress how good Pecking Duck  is and how much it hurt my wallet. T.T Depending on what you order, the meal will be around or above $100. It’s expensive, but sooo worth it. If you are going to splurge, splurge on this.

Hong Kong Skyline from Victoria Harbor.

Avenue of Stars. Jet Li’s Hand Prints! LOL ^^

Everyday at 8 pm on the Victoria Harbor, they have a light show called the Symphony of Lights. It’s breathtaking. Especially if you go during Christmas, it’s even more spectacular. OoO

Symphony of Lights.

One of the reasons we went to Hong Kong in December is because of the Christmas decorations. Hong Kong does not skimp when it comes to decorating the city. It’ soo beautiful.

REX!! ^-^

Coolest Christmas Tree EVAH!!! >o<

The Peninsula Hotel is the most expensive hotel in Hong Kong. On average a night cost about $5000-$10,000. O.O  This is where the Queen of England stays whenever she comes to Hong Kong.

Baboons? Monkeys?

Hong Kong Island Scenery.

Chung Kee Desserts is famous for their desserts. I know there is one in Cheung Sah Wan.

Mango Dessert.

Taro and Black Sesame Ice Cream.

Mango Shaved Ice. MY FAVE!!! ^-^

Chocolate Shaved Ice.

That’s my Hong Kong adventure. I love Hong Kong. It is really the best of both worlds. Whether you like hiking or shopping, Hong Kong has both. The bustling city is full of stores, lights, and food. While the urban villages offers boating, hiking, and of course food. ^^


P.S. You didn’t hear about the customs tip from me.  :3

P.P.S. Look forward to a nail tutorial. ><

“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”  ~St. Augustine


Hong Kong Trip Part 2

27 May

Salutation Meebsies,

Part two to my Hong Kong adventure. ^^

If you find yourself in need of a snack to tide you over; check out Kam Wah Cafe. They are famous for their Pineapple Buns and Milk Tea. OMG!! It’s SOOOOO GOOD!!! (*´▽`*)*drool*

Pineapple Buns!!!

Pork Chop Pineapple Bun Sandwich.

French Toast (Asian Version) ^^

Milk Tea. Highly recommend.


Shopping on Fa Yuen Street.

Fa Yeun Street Market

Grocery shopping.

Sooo many people everywhere!! O.O

I suggest checking out Bonjour first if you plan to go beauty shopping. It doesn’t carry everything, but the things you do find will be cheaper than Sasa. There are Bonjours literally everywhere. If you don’t find something in the first Bonjour; check out the one around the corner. LOL


WARNING: Next picture is a little graphic. LOL

BWAHAHAHA. What is going on here?! O.o

Lemon Bakery in Cheung Sha Wah.

Cocktail, Creme, and Pineapple Buns.

Egg Tarts and Chicken Pot Pies!!!

Have a great day and do something nice for someone you care about today. ^-^


“One of the great things about travel is that you find out how many good, kind people there are.” ~ Edith Wharton

Hong Kong Trip Part 1

23 May

Ello Meebsies,

I am sooo sorry >.< I know that four month of nothing is a lot of…well nothing. Life has just been so hectic that I haven’t even had time to blog, let alone sleep. You guys know what I’m talking about. It just seems like once you finish one pile of work, another pile is waiting for you. GAH!!!! When will the madness end?! T.T Anywho, I did promise to tell you guys all about my Hong Kong trip. I was going through my pictures yesterday and realized that there is no way I can fit them all in one post. Hopefully, I can fit them all in three posts. ^^ Without further ado, brace yourself for a pic heavy post. >o<

The last time we went to Hong Kong we traveled on Air Canada, but this time we decided to go with Eva Air. We has heard a lot of good things about Eva Air from friends so we opted to pay a little more for our ticket. The flight was fine, the food was…airplane food, and the staff was horrible. As you may know, Eva Air is an Asian airline, so all the flight attendants spoke Mandarin Chinese. They do speak English, but their accents are just way too thick. This is coming from someone who has grown up with thick Chinese accents. It’s not their accents that bothered me, I don’t want you guys to think I’m some Chinese accent hating person. It’s just whenever I asked them to clarify what they were saying, they would get angry and give me bad service for the rest of the flight. This wasn’t just me because my sister had the same problem as well. Another problem we had was with our flight. We paid about $100 more for our ticket so we could fly in a new plane. Previously, when we flew with Air Canada, we flew on a new plane. But when we boarded the plane, it was definitely the older model. The seats were very cramped and the screens were really bad. Other than that, we did get to Hong Kong safe and sound. ^^


Hong Kong International Airport. It’s so pretty with the Christmas lights. Every time I travel I have a weird thing that I do. I smell the city. I know you guys are probably thinking I’m crazy, but hear me out. My favorite part of traveling is when I leave the airport and smell the city. I bet you have never really thought about it, but each city smells different. It maybe because I was born in Hong Kong, but there is something so familiar and comforting about the smell of Hong Kong. I can’t really describe it…it kinda smells like a home cooked meal (not in a weird way). I highly recommend smelling Hong Kong. ^-^ I also highly recommend smelling the next city you travel to. ^^

Their license plates are so different from the US. O.o

Believe it or not, these are apartments and it’s not even the tallest complex there!

DINNER!!! ^^

Hong Kong is well known for their street market. Before going to the mainstream markets such as, Ladies and Stanley. I suggest going to Cheung Sha Wan’s street markets. They won’t be as glamorous and big, but you can find things there for a fraction of what you would pay at mainstream markets. I don’t suggest buying makeup products from street vendors, but beauty tools are a steal. If you are familiar with hair tapes; the usually run around 10 HKD at Bonjour, but at the Cheung Sha Wan Market they were 3 HKD! SAY WHAT?! O.O I also suggest just taking a look around while your at it. Of course you should check out the touristy areas, but real traveling is about experiencing the culture. In rural/suburban areas you can really get a taste and feel of Hong Kong. It’s a nice detour from the busy city life. You can also find some really great steals and yummy local cuisine. ^^ There is nothing wrong with getting lost every once and awhile.

One of the great things about Hong Kong food is how fresh everything is. Most people buy their ingredients for their meals the day of. No frozen dinners or artificial flavoring here. Maybe this is why everyone is skinny, healthy, and have amazing skin. Not only is a home cooked meal delicious, but affordable too.

A must do in Hong Kong is Dim Sum. A little travelers tip for Dim Summing. Most restaurants will give you a large empty bowl when you arrive. This bowl is for washing the dishes and utensils. Don’t worry, your dishes aren’t dirty. It’s more of a custom and precaution. Now don’t go vigorously scrubbing down everything. LOL Instead pour some hot tea into the bowl and give it a good rinse. I know it’s a weird thing to do, but trust me. You will get more weird stares if you don’t do it. You have been warned. ^^

Congee and Fried Corn Flakes. I highly recommend trying Congee sometime in your life. Personally, it is my favorite food. I know it might not look good, but trust me. IT’S DELICIOUS!!! *o*

Shrimp Rice Roll with Soy Sauce and Green Onions. YUM!!

Chicken Feet and Pork Pot Rice. Come on peeps. You’re in Asia. You should at least try the rice. *drools* One of my fav dishes. ^^

Everyone should try chicken feet once. Just don’t think about it too much when you eat it. I promise it will be worth it. ><

Steamed BBQ Pork Buns

Shrimp Rice Dumplings

Sui Mai

Soy Bean Pork Wrap. You know what the best thing about Dim Sum is? IT’S SO CHEAP! For 8 people it totaled to about $3o USD. WHOOT! ^0^

Dragon Center Shopping Mall.

If you do plan on going to Hong Kong. I suggest going in the winter time. Hong Kong is quite famous for their Christmas decorations. The 60 F weather is also much better than the 90-100 F weather in the summer.

Yes, that is a roller coaster on the ceiling of the mall. O.O

Pei Ho Street Market.

Pei Ho Street Market. You should definently check it out if you get a chance. ^^

Circle K in Hong Kong is basically their version of 7-11 (even though they do have 7-11 in Hong Kong).

I told you they get taller. OoO

I thought I would end this post with an adorable Asian kid. >< I hope you all have an amazing week. I’m hoping to update every week from now on…hopefully.

P.S. This is totally the second time I’ve typed up this post. The first time my internet crashed. T.T. CURSE YOU TECHNOLOGY!!! *waves fist at the sky angrily* LOL


“Not all those who wander are lost.” ~ J. R. R. Tolkien

Hong Kong Skin Care Haul

14 Jan

Welcome Back Meebsies,

I am so glad to be back! Sorry for not posting in such a long time. As hard as it may be to believe, I could not find Wi-fi anywhere. I went through some pretty serious withdrawal symptoms. ToT  Then after I got back from my trip, there was a lot of catching up to do. The world doesn’t stop just because you do.

However, it was worth it! ^O^ This would have to be one of the best trips I have ever gone on. The food, scenery, and shopping were as promised…AMAZING!!! I have to admit that I went a little insane when it came to beauty shopping. I just couldn’t help myself. Everything was so ridiculously cheap.

Since my overall haul is so big, I thought I would split it into a few post. This one is all on skin care products. This consists of a combination of the mainstream products many bloggers haul, and some local brands. I had a good girlfriend in Hong Kong who recommended these not so well known products that only the locals really know about. She claims that they are just as amazing as the main stream products, but almost half the price. Thanks to her, I actually learned a lot of do and don’t when it comes to buying beauty products in Hong Kong. It’s a little lengthy so I will write about my tips in another post. ^-^

Japanese Nano Technology Masks – 7 Count

Cost (HKD): $49.90-$60.00

Location: Sasa, Bonjour, Beauty Supply Outlet (I found one on Jordan Road, but you can find them anywhere.)

Orange Box Description: Hyaluronic acid and collagen are excellent moisturizing agents that help to smooth out skin texture. Ginkgo biloba and morus nigra leaf extracts provide whitening effects. Pearl powder contains marine micro-elements and can help to cool off and calm skin, reduce wrinkles and plump up the moisture level. It nourishes skin cells from deep within to greatly improve skin conditions.

Green Box Description: Chamomile extract can calm down the skin and relieve redness. Aloe provides natural moisture-locking factor to keep the skin supple and delicate in all environments, and is ideal for acne-prone skin. Cucumber extract helps to regulate the water and oil level of the skin to prevent appearance of blemishes.

My Beauty Diary – 10 Count

Cost (HKD): $55.00-$80.00

Location: Sasa, Bonjour, Beauty Supply Outlet

Black Pearl Mask Description: Soften, whiten skin, increases skin metabolism to restore radiance.

Strawberry Yogurt Mask: Brightening skin, oil control, reduce wrinkles, tighten pores, renew skin.

Bulgarian White Rose Mask: Clears dull skin, whitens, calms and moisturizes, firming.

SkinFood Christmas Special Pack – 2 Count 50 ml

Cost (HKD): $200.00-$250.00

Location: SkinFood, Bonjour

Fresh Aloe Pack Description: A soothing pack with Aloe Extracts providing moisture and hydration to dry skin.

Rice Mask Wash Off Description: Mask with nutritious rice extracts for soft skin texture.


Cost (HKD): $7.50-$8.00

Location: Sasa

Strawberry Yogurt Masque Description: skin softening and protect moisturizing barrier, skin radiance and toning.

Clear Exfoliating Gel and Intensive Vitamin Complex Masque Description: Deeply cleanses pores and gently sought off dead skin cells. It exposes new skin, re-textures and helps your skin look younger and fresher. Enriched with vitamin A, B3, C, E, Skinlite unique formula immediately and visibly helps firm face skin, contributing to overall skin health.

Re-Energizing Green Tea Masque Description: Ultra hydration and skin softening, lubricating and promoting skin elasticity.

Vov Daily Fresh Pack

Cost (HKD): $9.9

Location: Sasa

Berry & Berry Description: Helps lift and firm face.

Sewame Whitening & Spot Removing Cleanser – 100 g

Cost (HKD): $25.00-$30.00

Location: Sasa, Sasa Outlet

Description: Assists in fade sallow, whitening the skin. Moisturize the skin and improve the quality of the skin, enable the skin to be young and white. Rich foam, assist in gently and effectively remove dirt and color makeup from the face.

Biore Pore Pack – 4 Count

Cost (HKD): $12.00

Location: Sasa, Beauty Supply Outlet

Description: Charcoal pore strips help remove black heads, and other impurities in pores.

Rosette Hello Kitty Wash – 120 g

Cost (HKD): $48.00 – $60.00

Location: Sasa, Bonjour, Beauty Supply Outlet

Acne Wash Medicated Description: Rosette Hello Kitty Ance Wash contains two medicinal ingredients, i.e. sulfur and licorice extract, to prevent acne. Its gentle bubbles cleanse dirt of pores, make-up residues as well as excess sebum, leaving skin clean and smooth. The lovely container that shows the image of Hello Kitty and the scent of sweet fruits make this facial wash, which is free from colourants and mineral oil, even more attractive!

Aquamoist Whitening Milk

Cost (HKD): $86.40

Location: Sasa, Bonjour

Description: JUJU Cosmetics Aquamoist Hyluronic Acid Whitening & Moisture Milky Lotion not only can it brighten skin, but also lighten black spots and melanin. Leaving you a vivid, silky smooth look.

P.S. I bought this because the Beauty Guru Bubzbeauty recommended it.

DIY Eye Masks – 20 Count

Cost (HKD): $9.00

Location: Sasa, Bonjour

Description: These are cotton eye masks that you can soak in your favorite juice or moisturizing liquid and then apply to reduce bags or puffiness.

Face Mask Capsules  – 20 count

Cost (HKD): $10.00

Location: Sasa, Bonjour

Description: Soak these capsules in your favorite juice or moisturizing liquid. Then apply to face as you would with a face mask.

Silicone Face Scrubbers

Cost (HKD): $10.00-$11.00

Location: Sasa, Bonjour, Beauty Supply Outlet

Description: Use small silicone scrubbers to clean face thoroughly removing dirt and makeup. Leaves skin smooth and refreshed.

DIY Face Mask Kit

Cost (HKD): $12.00-$30.00

Location: Sasa, Bonjour, Beauty Supply Outlet

Description: This little kit is a great was to DIY face masks. The silicone bowl and spatula are great tools in mixing and blending your personal facial masks.


Cost (HKD): $10.00-$30.00

Location: Sasa, Bonjour, Beauty Supply Outlet

Description: Many bloggers and guru have said that this is a great tool when it comes to washing your face and applying facial treatments. It keeps out hair out of your face and can be washed with soap and water.

I know that this was a really long post, so thanks for sticking around. I will hopefully do some reviews as soon as I can. Keep an eye out for my next haul posts. >.<

If you have any questions, post a comment, email, or follow me. I would be more than happy to answer questions.

Have a great day!



“No object is so beautiful that, under certain conditions, it will not look ugly.” ~ Oscar Wilde

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