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Makeup Forever HD Elixir Review: Quench That Thirst!

5 Sep

Ello Meebsies,

Being sick sucks. I haven’t eaten anything solid in a week. Every time I look at chicken noodles soup I want to gag. 😦

On a side note, I was pleasantly surprised when my sister came home from shopping sporting a huge Sephora bag. She bought goodies for me!!! Most of the stuff I received were just replacements for things I was running out of. The only new product I got was the Makeup Forever HD Elixer serum. MAN DO I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! ^O^

Here is the product description.

What it is:
An innovative serum that instantly hydrates and adds radiance to the skin.

What it does:
HD complexion collection uses innovative formulas to create a new generation of makeup that is invisible on high-definition cameras and to the naked eye. This unique, lightweight elixir absorbs quickly into the skin, instantly hydrating and brightening the complexion. The breakthrough formula contains D-Panthenol and glycerin to ensure an immediate boost of hydration (+520% after 15 minutes) that lasts throughout the day (+175% after 6 hours). Argatensyl is added to provide an immediate smoothing effect. Each ingredient was specifically added to prepare skin for high-definition makeup—so you can count on the camera picking up the perks of this perfecting formula.

What else you need to know:
This product is oil and paraben free and dermatologist tested.

Research results:
-+520% increased moisture after 15 minutes
-+490% after 30 minutes
-+430% after one hour
-+250% after two hours

You have to say, it’s pretty impressive. After using it for about a week, it’s been a life saver. I think that everyone knows what I’m talking about when I say no one looks good when you’re sick. Your nose is dry, your face is flushed, and you just look gross. For me, because I’m dehydrated, my skin is also dehydrated. So when I go on a drug run I am in no mood to do my makeup. Fear not, all you need are two drops of this serum and you are good to go. ^_^

It’s extremely light, extremely light. Since this is a serum, your skin will drink it up in seconds. It leaves your face moisturized and almost dewy looking. If you have fine lines or crows feet, I find that this product really helps reduce the appearance. Even though this product is meant to be a face primer, you can really use it all by itself. However, if you want to have flawless foundation, use this baby with any liquid foundation to look FABULOUS!!! ^_^

Retail Price is about $40 at Sephora.





“Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.”
― Gwyneth Paltrow


Door County, Wisconsin (Popeye at the Fish Broil, Cheesecake, and Egg Harbor)

29 Aug

What’s up Meebsies?

Another Door County post for you guys. Hope you are all having a great rest of your summer. ^^

Off topic, but for those who are wondering what the heck happened to the giveaway. It will have to be REALLY postponed. I thought that I sent out a tweet about it, but I guess not. 😦 I’m really sorry guys, but my life has been really hectic. Really hectic. I promise the giveaway will be extremely amazing. ^_^ Please have patience with me.

I highly suggest going to a fish broil while you are in Door County. I know that many people have gone to the more common fish fry. You can tell from the name that a fish broil is where the food is broiled in water instead of being fried. After talking to a few locals, we were told that the Old Post Office is where you should go to get a good broil experience. It’s also one of the few places where they de-bone your fish for you! Make sure you place a reservation ahead of time because they fill up fast. ^^

You guys are probably wondering, what’s up with the title Meebs? Before the fish broil, we meet the broil master. He’s pretty awesome and doesn’t he look like Popeye? Lol.

See. Don’t they look alike? ^_^

Back to the broil. They first start off by heating up the water.

When everything is almost done cooking. He lights the whole pot on fire by pouring on gasoline. O.O


This is what it looks like when they debone the fish.

For dessert, they have BOMB homemade cherry pie and vanilla ice cream. ^^

Went shopping/sightseeing in Egg Harbor. It’s so beautiful here. There is always something about a little town that puts your heart at peace.

Met a new friend. ^^

Stopped at the Pink Bakery for a snack.

First thing I saw when I walked in. BOOTY COOKES!!! ><

Even though booty cookies looked good. I went with the more conservative cookie sandwich. Lol. ^_^


Egg Harbor is full of little boutiques, cafes, and restaurants.  Great for exploring and shopping.

Yummy mango gelato.

Would you eat a box for 20 bucks?

Last stop is some cheesecake. ^^

The owner told us that his baker trained in New York. I can see it paid off. Soo pretty that you don’t even want to eat it.

I can’t have cheesecake, so I had lactose free ice cream and waffles with…

cherry juice; because Door County is known for their cherry juice. ^^

Lastly a picture of me at our private beach/dock. ^_^

Have a great day!!!



“No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.”

~ Lin Yutang

Where Is My Happiness?

4 Aug

Heya Meebsies,

This next post will be a little heavier than most. I just saw this video by Bubzbeauty and was inspired to write this. I hope you like it! ^_^

Where is my happiness?

It’s a strange but common question. Where is my happiness? I mean, come on universe.  Isn’t it about time that you gave me some happiness? When is it my turn to be happy? When is it my turn to smile? I don’t know why, but these past few years I feel like I have been asking myself this question a lot. Why can’t I be happy?

Perhaps the real question we should be asking ourselves is; what does happiness look like? Can we say that we don’t have something or we can’t find something if we don’t even know what we are looking for to begin with? This questions leads to the next rant…

Do you know what I abhor? I abhor the cliché idea that happiness comes from another’s love for you. I abhor how when all your friends have boyfriends or girlfriends and you don’t; all of a sudden they pity you. The worst part is you eventually start to feel as if their pity is not misguided. Perhaps, there is truth in their pity. I am not ashamed to tell you guys this, but I have not had a relationship for 4 years now. It is hard to be alone sometimes. You look around you and all your good friends have someone in their lives. While you sit alone at a party; they are dancing and holding each other. For some reason, I always pictured happiness looking like that. I use to wonder, why can’t my life be like that?

Let me tell you a little secret. That is not happiness. Someone once told me, “We make our own happiness.” We ask ourselves, “Where is my happiness?” Strangely enough, it has always been with you. Everyone is given the potential for happiness. It is just what we choose to do with this potential that dictates if we will eventually find this fabled happiness. Maybe this is why so many people struggle to find happiness.

If we have the potential to be happy, why am I not happy? Let me tell you another little secret, love from someone else will never give you true happiness. Beauty will not give you happiness. Success will not give you happiness. Family will not give you happiness. I know what you’re thinking. What are you talking about Meebs? Of course things like my family’s love, my husband’s love, or even my stack of hundred’s love will give me happiness. I am here to tell you that this is not true at all. Do you know what will truly give you happiness? Your love.

I know I know. Now I just sound like a crazy person, but hear me out.  Happiness comes from doing what YOU love and caring about those who YOU love. We all have this belief that we need to be loved in order to be happy. No. You have to learn to love in order to be happy. Happiness is as simple as loving whatever you want to love. If your husband loves you but you don’t love you husband, will you be happy? No one can give you happiness. A good example would be volunteering. If you think about it, you are not volunteering to get recognition for your good deeds. You are not expecting thanks. Yet for some reason your act of giving love and care for others through your time, brings you unimaginable happiness. You may think that it is strange. Through giving my love and receiving none, why do I feel this happiness? Curious…

Contrary to popular belief, happiness is something that is sought out and taken. Not given. Now don’t think that taking happiness for yourself is selfish. Don’t worry. The thing about happiness is; it is different for everyone. You are not taking someone else’s happiness by indulging in yours. As long as your happiness does not harm the others around you; you have all the right in the world to pursue your happiness.

If you want to be happy, do what you love. Love what you love. It doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t love you. Love yourself. I could sit here all day and tell you all the things I love about you, but it won’t even matter. Until you learn to love yourself, my words are nothing.  Even as I sit here a single women typing up this post. I am extremely happy. Why? It’s because this is what I love. This is my happiness.  Now go and unlock yours. ^-^

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you guys have a good night or morning. ^^

Thank you Bubzbeauty for inspiring me to realize my happiness. I wish you the best in your future endeavors. Also, CONGRATULATIONS!!! ^O^

Here is Bubzbeauty’s Happiness Video ^^

Much love,


“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”

~Dalai Lama

Chicago Trip Part 1 (Shedd Aquarium and Field Museum)

20 Jul

Afternoon Meebsies,

It truly had been awhile. I can’t believe that I haven’t blogged in almost two weeks. I am finally back safe and sound. ^^ I actually missed you guys. If you have been keeping up with my posts, you know about the giveaway being postponed. I’m really sorry guys. I will try to do my giveaway before the end of this month.

Anyways, I had the most amazing time in Chicago. If you looks past the 100 degree weather, it was one of the greatest places I have ever traveled to. For me, it was the perfect amount of city. I have and always will love the city. I love how you can walk outside and find a great place to eat, or a great place to shop anytime of the day. Chicago for me was packed with famous restaurants, attractions, and boutiques that I was dying to check out. Even though Chicago is a city, it was not a thigh rubbing against thigh type of city. You can actually walk down the street with your own personal bubble. Lol. ^^ The people are city people, all having a little sassy side, but very kind to lost tourists. ><

Shedd Aquarium

If you want to avoid the huge line in the picture. I suggest you do the touristy thing and get a Chicago Pass. You get to skip all the lines, and it’s only $80 for 5 attractions. You also get free movies and rides. It’s a really great deal . ^_^

No shame in being a tourist. ^^

I’m watching you Meebs. Lol. ^_^

Doesn’t it look like it’s giving us a big smooch? Lol.

I remember when I first saw this big guy my first thought was; with butter please. Hey guys, I hadn’t eaten for the whole day. Meebs was hungry. =.=

Hungry + Angry = Hangry. This guy was defiantly hangry. Lol.

Just a friendly message to you all. ^_^

Field Museum

I know. Random, but SOOO CUTE!!! ><

The Mayan actually used this pottery head for their blood sacrifices. O.O A little scary, but really cool right?

Famous Bushman Ape

That’s all for today. ^^ Look forward to another post next week. Are you guys having a great summer? I hope you are.



“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Diary Entry 1 (Farmer’s Market)

28 Jun

Good Day Meebsies,

I thought that I would start a new category of posts for a My Diary Segment. It’s just going to be random dairy life stuff. ^^ Yesterday, I went to a local farmers market. I’ve always had a love for street markets. Whether it be in my town or in Hong Kong; there is always something really humbling when it comes to street markets. Not to mention, you can get some pretty good deals, while supporting local businesses. ^-^

SOOO MUCH HONEY. The best thing about this honey is it’s all organic. Great for tea or making masks. LOL ^^

Many local artists use the farmers market as a way to sell their art. I loved this vendor’s glass creations. SOOO PRETTY *0*

I don’t think anyone can beat the fresh flowers at a farmers market has. The florist made this bouquet especially for my friend. So pretty. Reminds me of summer.

I have no clue what this flower was called. But the lady who made my friend’s bouquet was nice enough to give this to us for free.  If you know the name of this flower I would love to know. ^-^

I also got a henna while I was there. If you guys don’t know what a henna is, it’s basically a temporary tattoo. They apply a paste that dyes your skin and it lasts for about 2 weeks. It’s not painful at all and really pretty. In the picture above it’s not the final product. This stage is when the paste is still drying. It’s so amazing how they do hennas. The lady that did mine doesn’t use a stencil or picture. She free hands all the henna she does. She is AMAMZING!!! I could never do what she does.

Just another angle of my henna. I had her extend the flower vine onto my pointer finger. Glitter matches my nails. LOL ><

Cute Dragon Fly. The weirdest thing happened after she drew this. I’m not kidding when I say that a dragonfly flew right by me. Curious. o.O

After the henna ink peels off. This is what it looks like more or less. I took this picture right after the ink peeled off so the henna is not at it’s darkest. It usually takes a day or two for the henna to get as dark as possible.

My friends got hennas too. She got a Day of the Dead Skull with the Chinese symbol for strength above.

Day of the Dead Skull with intricate designs around it. Just amazing.

Koi Fish henna. Believe it or not. The lady had never done a Koi Henna before. You have to admit she is pretty damn good.

Time for lunch!!! >0< We decided on Indian.

I don’t know why, but I have always been under the impression that curry is really spicy. I am not really a spicy food person, so I was a little skeptical. However, this was not spicy at all. It was actually one of the most delicious things I have eaten in a long time. Curry is now one of my must eats. Try Indian curry if you haven’t. You will not regret it. SOOOO GOOD!!!! *´▽`*)

Nan or flat bread. YUM!

I can’t resist anything with mango. Mango Lemonade was a must! ><

That’s all I have for now. Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend!

Much Love As Always,


“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.”

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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