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Comfort of a Chap Stick

10 Dec

Good Day Meebsies,

What is it about a good chap stick? It seems like we go through dozens before we find the right one. Once we find the right one, it is always on us at all times, especially with the cold winter already here. A good chap stick is something that should be in any women’s beauty arsenal. Just in case we meet Mr. Right. ^-^

Here is just a short review of a few chap sticks that I have tried over the years.

I thought that we would start out with the classic ChapStick. Price wise it is the most affordable. I have found this chap stick for $.50 to $1.50. But I do feel like it is just a basic chap stick. It goes on smooth but does not stay on my lips for long. It will moisturize your lips, but you have to reapply every few hours, sometimes even more. This brand of chap stick actually comes in different flavors and scents, but the original is scentless and flavorless for those with sensitive skin.  Overall I give this a


Carmex is also another classic. This I feel is more on the medicated side. There is a really strong medicinal smell and the taste is not pleasant. It does not go on smooth like a creme, but more like a wax. This chap stick is a little pricy around $2 to $4. All that aside, this really helps with severe chapped and cracked lips. But if you just want a daily moisturizer you might want to try something less strong. Overall I give this a


This would have to be one of my favorites. We know Nieva mainly from their body cremes. But I found out that they actually have lip care. This is great for moisturizing lips. It goes on unbelievably smooth. It is almost like the lip balm liquifies once it touches your lips and glides on. The smell is a light vanilla which is quite pleasant. The price is not actually bad, around $2-$3.  Overall I give this


This is actually a newer brand of chap stick. The design is very cute and makes it easy to apply on the lips. There are also multiple smells and flavors, and all the scents are amazing! These are very moisturizing  plus long lasting so you only have to apply it on once or twice a day. Like the Carmex, it goes on a little like wax not creme. However, this is quite pricey, $2.50-$5. This has to be one of my favorite chap sticks out there. Overall I give this


Of course, I just want to state that this is all from my personal experience which could be different for you. I just wanted to share my opinion. I hope you all have a fabulous day.




“Beauty is a fragile gift.” ~ Ovid

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