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July Beauty Favorites

31 Jul

Evening Meebsies,

Just finished making really good Japanese curry for dinner. ^_^ When I think about it, I’ve been cooking a lot more than usual. Maybe I should do a cooking post? Lol. Would you guys be interested in something like that? A Cooking With Meebs section? Lol. ^_^

This last month has been a really stressful one. My skin has been breaking out constantly. Not to mention the hot weather has been trying on my skin. Thank goodness for these products. I have to say that these are my all time favorite products right now. *O*

First I’m going to start off with beauty products.

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! ^O^ Take it from a girl who has single lids, which equals oily lids; this product works wonders. Maybe I am a little behind on the Urban Decay Primer Potion craze, but  now I know why there was a craze to begin with. Before I found this magic in a bottle, I used Two Faced Shadow Insurance. Don’t get me wrong, I still think that it is a fairly good primer, it just didn’t really do it for my lids. It was always frustrating to have amazing eye makeup; only to come home at the end of the day wondering how long had my eye shadow been creased?! I actually first tried this as a sample from Sephora. The first time I used it and came home I was AMAZED. NO CREASING. WHOOT!!! ^O^ A must have for any girl.

One of the few things you guys should know about me is, I LOVE GLITTER!!! I just think that adding that little bit of glitter to your eye makeup makes all the difference. You never see me without a little bling bling. ^^ I love this NYX Liquid Crystal Liner! The liner itself is very sparkly. I love it when the glitter is really dense. When you put it on, it doesn’t look like glitter. It kind of looks like sparkly black eyeliner. So if you don’t like really dramatic glitter this is prefect. ^^ It’s also really long lasting but easily removable with some makeup  remover. Warning, it does sting a little because of the alcohol in the liner. But that only happens if you apply it on your waterline.

I am LOVIN’ this brush. Not only does it work like a charm, but it’s affordable. I think I paid around 12 dollars for this brush at Ulta. Which totally beats paying $30 for a Mac brush. ^^  The brush is really dense and when you use it to apply your foundation… FLLLLAWWLESSSS!!! *O*

Idk about you guys, but I love chapsticks. This is the second Nivea one I’ve tried. I’m all about honey and oatmeal. Weird right? I just had to try this out when I saw honey. The scent is really nice and it glides on my lips like butter. ^^ Really moisturizing and light. The only downside is that there isn’t any SPF. With the sunny weather, SPF would be nice.

Next are skincare products.

One of the best facial scrubs I have ever used. Extremely gentle, but very exfoliating. It does smell a little weird, and I do wish that the product wasn’t so chemically?.. smelling? I still prefer using good old oatmeal for facial masks. But this is a good alternative when you don’t have the time or resources; or when you’re traveling. If you guys know this Company Queen Helene, they make the mint julep masque. If you guys are a fan of that masks, you should try this one out as well. ^^

I have always been a fan of Clinique. Idk why it took so long for me to try out their lotion. This lotion is extremely moisturizing. Even more than the Cetaphil face lotion I’ve been using. Doesn’t make your makeup greasy, creates a great canvas for foundation, and evens skin tone. It’s pretty awesome.

AMAZING SKIN LOTION!!! This is a miracle worker. All I have to say is use it once and you’ll see the result the next day. ^_^

This body wash is awesome. It’s extremely moisturizing but leaves you clean feeling. Idk how to explain it. I hate when moisturizing body wash leaves a film on your skin where it makes you feel like you aren’t clean. On the other hand, I hate it when the body wash makes you feel so clean that you stick to everything. Lol. You guys know that I’m talking about. This is the perfect blend of everything I love without everything I hate. Also, if you have ingrown hair on your legs, use this with a loofah everyday and see them gradually disappear. ^_^

Finally hair products! ><

I have always had really flat hair. I feel like I’ve tried everything to make my hair more voluminousness. The thing is I hate the feeling of product in my hair. I like my hair to be clean and light. This product is great because it’s not heavy and easy to use. Right after the shower, you just spritz a little on the roots of your hair. Go to sleep and TA-DAH!!! Light, bouncy, full of volume hair. It’s pretty magical. *O* Plus it smells AMAZING!!!

Since I have really thick hair, I’ve always found it hard to find a hairspray that would hold my hair in place. This product is probably the only product I have found that will hold my styled hair for a whole day. Not only on a normal dry day, but on humid days as well. It smells good and doesn’t leave my hair feeling crunchy.

These are my favorites for July. ^^ I hope you guys have an awesome rest of the day.

Please remember these are just my personal experiences with the products. ^^

Much Love,


“The absence of flaw in beauty is itself a flaw.”

~ Havelock Ellis

Ulta and Sephora Mini Haul

29 Jul

Good Day Meebsie’s

How has summer been treating you? Mine has been pretty amazing. I’m going to be going on a road trip to Seattle tomorrow and I can’t wait. Sorry, sucker for Grey’s Anatomy. Lol. ^^ I just wanted to show you guys a few things I got from Ulta and Sephora when I was in Chicago. It was actually my first time going to an actual Ulta. I’ve seen their online website, but I never knew that they had an actual store! It was pretty exciting. >< I love Ulta because it has EVERYTHING!!! Even though I am a Sephora lover, they mostly have high end makeup there. I love how Ulta is the perfect blend of high end and drug store products. One stop makeup shop. Lol. ^^

I was ECSTATIC when I saw this section. We don’t have anyway to buy NYX back at home. I’ve always wanted to try out their products.

Love Smashbox!!!

I thought it was really neat how they organize their products by face, eyes, lip, etc.

They have a pretty big hair sections. Soooo many hair dryers. ^^

Had to get NYX products. HAD to get bling bling. Lol. ^_^ I’m a glitter addict.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about these brushes. I’ve been using a foundation brush for my liquid foundation, so I thought I would try out a stippling brush. Let me tell you something. I am in love with this brush. My foundation looks FLAWLESS. *O* GET A STIPPLING BRUSH. It’s a MUST HAVE!!!

I absolutely love this pink. Very simple, elegant, yet fun. ^^

Once again, my glitter addiction got the better of me. But this nail polish was so pretty I couldn’t resist. Actually, this glitter matches the China Glaze I got from Ulta. I might do a nail tutorial with them. ^_^

I’ve actually been using this primer for a long time now. I found out the other day that they are discontinuing it. =( I think they are using the same formula but in a new bottle? IDK. If you guys want to try it out, you should go to Sephora asap.

I thought this was really interesting. Since I only order online when I shop at Sephora I usually get prepackage samples. I was kind of shocked when the lady asked what sample I wanted. When I asked for Urban Decay Primer Potion, I thought she was going to give me a little pouch or something. But she just went over to the sample on display and squeezed a little into this pot. It’s actually kind of really cool. Plus I’m happy that I got to try out this primer. I’ve been using Two Faced Shadow Insurance Primer but now I think I might switch over to Urban Decay. Maybe I’ll do a primer comparison/review sometime.

That’s all for now. I will have another Chicago post soon. Yeah, I have a lot of Chicago memories. Lol. ^^



“I’ve never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful. ”

~Author Unknown

Chicago Trip Part 3 (Sightseeing and Eating ^_^)

26 Jul

Hello Meebsies,

I just finished making caramel apples and popcorn. ^^ Really random right? It’s actually the first time I’ve ever made caramel from scratch. I’m actually quite pleased. Now I just have to wait 30 mins for them to cool. It’s taking soooo long. T_T I’m soooo hungry!!! Lol.

Caramel Apple Forest. ^^

Now without further ado. Another Chicago post.


Went to the Hershey Store and when I saw this brownie in the window I had to have it. ^^ THIS IS THE BEST BROWNIE I HAVE EVER HAD!!!!! GET IT!!!! I COMMAND YOU TO!!!

The malls are ridiculously huge. This is the escalator in one of the malls I went to. It’s HUGE but pretty. ^_^

It’s Lego Woody!!!

Went to a Disney Store. It was magical. Lol.

My favorite Disney movie evah is Finding Nemo. I LOVED DORY!!!

I highly suggest going on a boat tour. They offer a ton of different ones. The one I went on was during the evening and we even got a personal firework show. ^^ It’s a great way to see the city and learn a little about the sights.

Had to go to Lou Malnati’s when in Chicago.

Deep Dish Pizza is a must!

If anything, you HAVE to go to Portillos. My mouth is watering just looking at the picture. *drools* GET THE CHOCOLATE CAKE AND ITALIAN BEEF!!!! I went there twice in the two weeks. So good…so good…so good.

Chicago really is gorgeous.

I saw The Purple Pig featured in a few travel and food shows so I thought I would check them out.

The chicken kebabs are UNBELIEVABLE!!! *O*

Cheese and bubbly. ^^ Ironically enough I didn’t have any pork while I was there. If you guys get a chance to go there tell me how it is. ^^

Believe it or not, I’ve never had pickled olives before.

Or fried olives.

Lemon Panna Cotta for dessert.

Random. I went to a hot sauce store and saw this. Winning. Lol.



“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”

~Saint Augustine

Chicago Trip Part 2 (Navy Pier and China Town)

25 Jul

Hey Meebsie’s,

Time for another Chicago post. ^_^

I think that popcorn is a bigger thing on the east coast than the west coast. But hey, I’m not complaining. The Chicago mix from Garret’s was pretty yummy. ^_^

Went to Bubba Gump for dinner. Allusion to Forest Gump. ^^

Once we sat down at our table I noticed these signs. Our waitress explained to us that when you have the run forest run sign, this means that you don’t need any service. However, when you put up the stop forest stop, someone will stop and help you. I thought it was a pretty neat concept. ^^

Really yummy and neat drinks. ^^ The cups actually light up and you get to keep them. The left is a strawberry lemonade freeze. The right is a blue lemonade freeze.

I thought this drink was really unique. I actually didn’t get it, which is kind of why you are looking at a picture in a picture. I was actually really tempted to take a picture of a lady who did have the drink at the table right next to me. That’s how much I love you guys. Lol. ^_^ But since I was hungry and waited 45 mins to get a table, I decided getting kicked out wasn’t ideal. Sorry guys.

We got the sampler and the seafood bucket. I’m going to be real with you guys. Bubba Gump is NOT the place to get seafood. Everything they have is defiantly frozen. They don’t serve fresh seafood. I would know, I’ve been to restaurants where I choose what I want to eat from a tank and then it goes straight to the kitchen to my plate. The seafood here is pretty bad. The clams and mussels are extremely overcooked and rock/rubber like. If you are going to pay $70 for a bucket of seafood, I would expect something much better than this. The portions are also extremely small. I do not suggest getting seafood here. Sorry Bubba Gump. =/

Drove/crashed my first toy boat. Lol. ^^ Meebs is 3.

A must do when you go to Chicago. RIDE THE NAVY PIER FERRIS WHEEL!!!

My ride. Lol.

Chicago skyline from the Ferris Wheel. Gorgeous. *0*

Navy Pier on Fourth of July. It’s PACKED!!!

Navy Pier’s cooling center. Yeah, there is a cooling center.

I wore my dress from Forever 21. >< I’ve had a few people ask what I look like. Lol. This is who Meebs is. ^^

Of course I had to have Dim Sum in China Town.

Joy Yee is one of the first places to serve Bubble Tea in the US. Can you guess what type of  Bubble Tea I got? MANGO & PASSION FRUIT!!! Had to get mango of course. SOOO GOOD. WHOOT!!! ^O^

Really good Vietnamese sandwich.

Did some shopping. Isn’t he cute?

Aji Ichiban Candy. ^^

On my way back home I saw this beautiful Bloomingdale’s.

My hotel, the Millennium Knickerbocker’s Lobby.



“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

~ Lao Tzu

Del Sol Color Changing Nail Polish Review

21 Jul

Heya Meebsies,

I’m taking a little detour from the Chicago Trip to this AMAZING nail polish someone gave to me as a gift. It’s sooo cool. If you haven’t heard of Del Sol products you need to check them out. They specialize in products that change color in the light. I got their color changing nail polish in Superhero Pink. It’s pretty awesome.

Before sunlight, it’s a frosty blue.

After sunlight, it’s superhero pink.

It’s kind of hard to tell the difference in the picture; but I’m telling you guys, this stuff really works. It’s pretty cool.

Yeah, so I just had to share this with you guys. ^^ Idk why I thought it was just soo awesome. ^_^ Have a great day today!


P.S. I am not endorsing or advertising. I just thought this was really cool so I should share it. ^^

“The greatest treasure are those invisile to the eye but found by the heart.”

~ Unknown

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