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Hong Kong What?!

11 Dec

Hello Meebsies,

I just found out the most AMAZING NEWS EVAH!!! (*^▽^*).  I am going down to Hong Kong for 2 weeks during the holidays! I just wanted to tell you guys this amazing news  because I am so excited! Of course, I want to share this experience with all of you. So, hopefully I will post every two days or so about my adventures. I say hopefully, because we will be staying with my grandparents, who do not have internet. I will also try to my best ability to find wifi. I hope you guys will follow me on my adventure. Hong Kong is said to be a food and shopping heaven. My kind of place. ^-^ I will try to included as much information as I can about all the places I go, just in case you want to go to Hong Kong too! If there is anything you want to know or specifically see, email me (


Have an amazing day!



“A traveler without observation is a bird without wings.” ~ Moslih Eddin Saadi

Comfort of a Chap Stick

10 Dec

Good Day Meebsies,

What is it about a good chap stick? It seems like we go through dozens before we find the right one. Once we find the right one, it is always on us at all times, especially with the cold winter already here. A good chap stick is something that should be in any women’s beauty arsenal. Just in case we meet Mr. Right. ^-^

Here is just a short review of a few chap sticks that I have tried over the years.

I thought that we would start out with the classic ChapStick. Price wise it is the most affordable. I have found this chap stick for $.50 to $1.50. But I do feel like it is just a basic chap stick. It goes on smooth but does not stay on my lips for long. It will moisturize your lips, but you have to reapply every few hours, sometimes even more. This brand of chap stick actually comes in different flavors and scents, but the original is scentless and flavorless for those with sensitive skin.  Overall I give this a


Carmex is also another classic. This I feel is more on the medicated side. There is a really strong medicinal smell and the taste is not pleasant. It does not go on smooth like a creme, but more like a wax. This chap stick is a little pricy around $2 to $4. All that aside, this really helps with severe chapped and cracked lips. But if you just want a daily moisturizer you might want to try something less strong. Overall I give this a


This would have to be one of my favorites. We know Nieva mainly from their body cremes. But I found out that they actually have lip care. This is great for moisturizing lips. It goes on unbelievably smooth. It is almost like the lip balm liquifies once it touches your lips and glides on. The smell is a light vanilla which is quite pleasant. The price is not actually bad, around $2-$3.  Overall I give this


This is actually a newer brand of chap stick. The design is very cute and makes it easy to apply on the lips. There are also multiple smells and flavors, and all the scents are amazing! These are very moisturizing  plus long lasting so you only have to apply it on once or twice a day. Like the Carmex, it goes on a little like wax not creme. However, this is quite pricey, $2.50-$5. This has to be one of my favorite chap sticks out there. Overall I give this


Of course, I just want to state that this is all from my personal experience which could be different for you. I just wanted to share my opinion. I hope you all have a fabulous day.




“Beauty is a fragile gift.” ~ Ovid

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

4 Dec

Hello Meebsies,

I have been really conflicted lately about an issue that I pass by everyday. Many people know the saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  It is what makes us unique individuals. Even if we may not agree with someones’ idea of beauty, we can respect their opinion. If you think about it, in the end everything is beautiful. You are beautiful no matter what someone may say. ^_^

I just never thought that I this concept would conflict with my moral beliefs. If anything, this should help me justify my moral beliefs. I have recently been asked to participate in a volunteer activity involving painting over graffiti on local building. I personally have always seen graffiti as art. I myself can not do the amazing things that graffiti artist are able to do. Not to mention in such little time and with so much pressure. Whenever I drive by graffiti I can’t help but to stuck by awe. On the other hand, many of the graffiti painting are illegally on building and basically breaking the law. The belief that the organizers of this volunteer group have is that, the law is an important factor in maintaining a safe society. Plus ultimately, the building owners have a right to choose what goes on their walls and what does not. I also want to respect the choice of the building owners because in their eyes, graffiti is not beauty.

I just do not know if I have the heart to paint over something like this. I mean all that effort, all those vibrant color of expression covered by a dull sandy beige. What should I do? What would you do?



“Beauty is whatever gives joy.” ~ Edna St. Vincent Millay

Sushi Anyone?

4 Dec

Ello Meebsies,

Today is my sisters birthday party and I have been assigned food duty. The special for today, Sushi. I know that many people are skeptical when they hear sushi. The word raw usually comes to mind. However, sushi does not have to be raw at all. I personally have tried sushi with raw ingredients (to tell you the truth I didn’t really know what I was eating). I don’t know if it was the texture or the taste that did not quite tickle my fancy. So when I personally make sushi, I use cooked ingredients. This time I tried the combination of avocados, cooked crab meat and Korean cucumbers. When it comes to sushi, it is all about the combination of flavors and textures.

All I can say is DELICIOUS!!! (゜◇゜)As you can see, I’m am no professional sushi maker. But really, it is the taste that counts. The avocados gave it a creamy texture, the cucumber gave it a crunch and the crab meat gave it flavor. YUM! I know that many of us are watching what we eat right now, and the last thing we want are carbs. However, I have used brown rice instead of white rice as an alternative. It is much healthier. But then again, it is nice to indulge in a little treat every once and awhile.

Have a great birthday party Hillary! ^_^ Also, shout out to my first two followers >.< It means a lot to me.



“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world” ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

December Favorites

3 Dec

Hey Meebsies,

I thought it would be nice to talk about December favorites since the holidays are coming up. A few weeks ago I purchased some Clinique products from Macy because with the cold Winter weather, I have been breaking out a lot more often for some reason. They were actually having a promotion! ^O^ WOOT! Apparently if you spent $50, they gave you a makeup bag full of goodies for free. I think I got a pretty good haul


I actually bought some makeup along with the facial products. I just haven’t had a chance to try them out yet.

Clinique has a line specifically targeted towards acne prone skin called, Acne Solutions. It kind of reminds me of Proactive with the three different steps. If you have used Proactive it is essentially the same idea.

Step 1: Cleansing Foam – I found this product really effective. After using it for two weeks my skin cleared up pretty nicely. The only downside was how dry it left my skin afterwards. I’ve noticed that a lot of acne cleansing products tends to dry out skin. However, if you apply moisturizer afterwards the dryness seemed to go away. The foam was not as dense as I would have hoped. When I rubbed it into my skin it stayed foamy for maybe 10 seconds before turning into liquid.

Step 2: Clarifying Lotion – This toner was not my favorite. It was really drying on the skin and it had a very strong alcohol smell. I would actually recommend using a different brand of toner, but I don’t know if switching from the Acne Solution line would mess with the results. I just felt that with the face wash drying my skin, I didn’t want to use a toner which only dried it even more.

Step 3: Clearing Moisturizer – This moisturizer was pretty good. It was not as moisturizing as I would have hoped, but it was passable. It did not more leave my skin oily and was very light. I could not tell if my skin was drinking up the moisturizer at record speed or if I was not putting on enough.

In all I thought that this line was not bad at all. Even though it did dry my skin a little, it was nothing a little moisturizer couldn’t solve. I did find that my skin improved, and I broke out less after using it. All the products were scentless and quite affordable. I brought mine from Macy’s but I have heard that when ordering Clinique products online you get a lot of good deals. I guess the only downside would be having to pay for shipping and waiting. I hate waiting. >.< My friend has actually been using this line for awhile now and she says the products last 3-4 months; so even if it is a little expensive it will last you a good while. Please remember that this is all from personal review and the results could be different for different people.

Along with the daily washing line, I also bought the Cleansing Mask. I absolutely love this product. Whenever I feel like I am going to break out. I use this at night before I go to sleep. Once I wake up, no blemishes! It’s like magic. (*´▽`*)I also noticed it helps with removing black heads.

The Moisturizer Surge Face Spray was recommended by one of my friends who travels a lot. She said that when she was on the plane her skin tended to dry out. This product is not only extremely to useful, but portable as well. The original bottle is quite large, but you can pour some into a little travel size spray bottle to put in your purse. Because of the cold weather I use this to moisturize my face, but I have heard that during the summer time this spray has a cooling effect. (´ー`) I definitely recommend this product. It is so light and moisturizing. Even though it says facial spray, I’ve been spraying it on my arms and legs after the shower. It leave them so smooth and soft afterwards. I couldn’t help myself.

Since the Acne Solution line is a little drying I have been using this Cetaphil moisturizer in addition to the Clearing Moisturizer. My sisters actually recommended this product to me. It is oil free, hypoallergenic, and contains SPF 15. I love this product! It is a little expensive, but so worth it. It does not make my skin greasy, moisturizes it, and actually makes foundation glide on my skin better. Cetephil was suppose to be designed for people with eczema so if you have redness or rashes, it helps reduce it.

I know this was a lengthy post, so thank you for reading! Even though I stated this before,please remember this is all from personal experience. You may not have the same results as me. On another note, I had an amazing day today. I got to eat Pho and hang out with one of my good girlfriends. Mmm… Pho… It was so funny because all my friends were white (not being racist) and I was the only Asian. We thought it would be funny if they all ate with chopsticks while I ate with a fork. I wish I took a picture of our waiters face when he saw us.  ( ´∀`) I hope you guys had an amazing day too!



“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” ~ Confucius

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